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FNM gave scandalous BAIC GM $90,000 contract with no exit clause

Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation General Manager Rocky Nesbitt signed a $90,000 contract under the Minnis Administration in July 2020 despite being unceremoniously removed from

OPM after money vanished.

Nesbitt replaced former BAIC general manager Benjamin Rahming who retired in August 2019.

In order to protect his position, the former government ensured the five-year contract has no exit clause.

Nesbitt used his political connections in the FNM to leap from prison officer to Project Manager in the Office of the Prime Minister. However, after he was embroiled in scandal there, then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis shuffled him over to BAIC.

Nesbitt was allegedly removed from OPM after funds vanished from the Southern Recreation Grounds project.

Nesbitt is no stranger to scandal. He ran into trouble with the law in the United States when he was 25 years old.

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