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FNM candidate still working in AG’s Office

Two months after he was ratified as the Free National Movement (FNM) candidate for Englerston, attorney Quintie Percentie continues to serve in the Office of the Attorney General.

Percentie was ratified by the party in May, raising questions about his ability to continue to serve as a public servant.

This same opportunity was not afforded to Kirk Cornish, a Water and Sewerage Corporation employee who was placed on unpaid leave in April after he was ratified by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

In a March 23 letter to Cornish, WSC Assistant General Manager Cyprian Gibson advised, “In accordance with the industrial agreement, you will be placed on unpaid administrative leave effective immediately.”

However, it appears different rules apply to candidates for the governing party.

Percentie, who was also appointed to the Junior Achievers Board following the FNM’s election victory in 2017, continues to appear in court for matters on behalf of the AG’s Office.

One would think that as a man who is paid to uphold the law, Percentie would follow the rules.

Acting Labour Director John Pinder has also found a way to be ratified by the FNM as its candidate for Fox Hill while remaining on the government’s payroll. Pinder claimed he is on pre-retirement leave but is still earning a salary on taxpayers’ dime.

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