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Family of Valley Boys member “Big Jew” accuse cousins of forging his Last Will

The family of the late Stanford Gustavous Outten, widely known as "Big Jew”, a prominent member of the Valley Boys, has filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial District for Broward County, Florida.

The complaint alleges a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by attorney Alecia S. Bowe and Bradley Outten, who are relatives of the deceased.

The legal documents outline a series of disturbing events that took place on or about July 29, 2019, when Alecia Bowe and Bradley Outten visited Mr. Outten in the hospital while he was undergoing surgical procedures. The family claims that, while Mr. Outten was highly sedated and in pain, the pair coerced him into handwriting an alleged "Emergency Will" on Broward Health stationary.

The lawsuit further alleges that this will was later fraudulently presented to the probate court in The Bahamas.

"Onica Harry and Calvin Scott, while working at Broward Health, agreed to fraudulently sign the alleged Will in the capacity of witnesses.

However, neither Harry nor Scott witnessed Mr. Outten sign the alleged Will, nor did they sign the document in the presence of each other," states the complaint.

The family contends that due to Mr. Outten's compromised medical state, he was not of sound mind and clear mental state, making the execution of a Last Will and Testament in Florida invalid.

As a result, Alecia Bowe and Bradley Outten are accused of fraudulently changing the executor of Mr. Outten's estate from his wife, Marjorie Outten, to Bradley Outten.

The complaint also asserts that the defendants presented the alleged Last Will to the probate court in The Bahamas, knowing it was neither valid nor legal, causing the family to suffer damages by having their inheritance stolen and the assets of their father and husband depleted.

“The Defendants, Alecia S. Bowe and Bradley Outten subsequently took the assets out of the estate of the deceased and converted the value of the assets worth millions of dollars for their own use without disbursing any of the assets to the beneficiaries of the Will, thus depleting the assets before they could go to their intended targets,” the lawsuit states.

The named defendants in the lawsuit include Broward Health Medical Center, Onica Harry, Calvin Scott, Alecia S. Bowe, and Bradley Outten.

The family seeks damages for the alleged fraud and misrepresentation, emphasizing the depletion of Mr. Outten's estate, which was purportedly worth millions of dollars.

"Big Jew”, a well-known figure in the Valley Boys, passed away on January 29, 2021.

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