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DPP Gaskin sent on extended vacation

The unpopular Director of Public Prosecution Garvin Gaskin has started seven months vacation as of today.

Since Gaskin became DPP became in 2018, scores of prosecutors have either quit altogether or requested transfers to the Attorney General’s Office.

Now many of those former prosecutors are eager to return to the office, which will be headed by Queen’s Counsel Franklyn Williams.

The end of Gaskin’s vacation also coincides with the conclusion of his contract, and given his disastrous leadership, it’s unlikely to be renewed.

At the opening of the legal year, Attorney General Ryan Pinder QC announced an internal reorganization of the DPP’s Office.

Gaskin oversaw the politically motivated prosecutions of former Progressive Liberal Party MPs under the Free National Movement.

The trials ended in acquittals and exposed prosecutorial corruption after it was revealed that witnesses were coached, bribed and documents were altered.

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