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DPP deciding on whether to charge “dirty” cop

Police are waiting for approval from lawyers from the DPP’s Office on whether an allegedly corrupt cop will be charged with conspiracy to import cocaine.

Officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit launched an inquiry after two Venezuelan drug smugglers claimed the assistant superintendent of police helped them land on Crooked Island with $25 million in cocaine last month.

The ASP is accused of turning on runway lights so that the plane could land safely.

Luis Andres Perez, 29, and Jaime Digiacomo, 64, of Venezuela, allegedly picked out the officer from a photo array.

The men told a magistrate that they were supposed to deliver the drugs to the “chief of police”, who would help them leave the island by boat.

The smugglers have been sentenced to five years and fined $100,000 or an additional year.

The officer denied the claims when police arrested and questioned him last week.

He was photographed and fingerprinted before being released pending the decision from the DPP’s Office.

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