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Disgraced ex-police officer hired by Dept of Labour

A disgraced former police officer, who was sent on leave after he was caught working a side job at a liquor store when non-essential businesses were closed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hired by the Department of Labor.

Former police superintendent Brian Fernander started his new job as an investigator at the Labour Department earlier this month.

In 2020, he was caught on camera selling overpriced alcohol with government informant and shady businessman Jonathon Ash at Made Men Liquor Store on Faith Avenue while other liquor stores were closed.

Customers were seen arriving at the liquor store empty-handed, placing orders and leaving with cases of alcohol.

A customer, who secretly recorded their liquor purchase, captured Supt. Fernander standing behind the bar as Ash served customers.

The two men were then captured talking outside the business as Ash appeared to hand Fernander money.

The police officer was so bold that his police-issued vehicle was parked outside the bar on multiple occasions as he worked his illegal side job.

After Ash and Fernander were exposed, Ash was charged in the Magistrates Court and convicted while Fernander was sent on leave.

Months later, Police Commissioner Paul Rolle allowed him to secretly retire from the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) with full honors and a pension.

The government’s decision to rehire Fernander following his disgraceful and illegal conduct has enraged police officers who believe the Department of Labour is condoning bad behavior and sending the wrong message that it is okay to break the law and get away with it as long as you have friends in high places.

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