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Dirty cop was supposed to receive $25m in cocaine, court hears

Two Venezuelan drug traffickers claimed that they were supposed to deliver a $25 million cocaine shipment to a dirty cop.

Luis Andres Perez, 29, and Jaime Digiacomo, 64, of Venezuela, implicated the “chief of police” on Crooked Island when they appeared in court today.

They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import cocaine, importation of cocaine, conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to supply and possession of cocaine with intent to supply at their arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on Tuesday.

According to official police reports, officers went to the air strip in Crooked Island around 11:45pm on December 22 after they heard a plane circling.

The officers allegedly saw two Caucasian men standing near a twin-engine plane with its doors open.

The men allegedly ran into bushes. They were caught after a chase and returned to the aircraft.

A search revealed multiple packages containing 3,142 pounds of cocaine.

When interviewed by police, the men said that they had fallen on hard times and had been offered $50,000 to bring the cocaine to Crooked Island.

However, they questioned why the prosecutor did not tell the court that they had also told investigators that they were to deliver cocaine to the “chief of the police on the island.”

They claimed that this officer had met the plane and was supposed to take possession of the drugs and help them leave the island.

They were jailed for five years and fined $100,000.

The sentence will be increased to six years if the fine isn’t paid.

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