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Defence Force Captures 257 Illegal Migrants in Major Interception

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) successfully foiled a large-scale migrant smuggling attempt, apprehending 257 Haitian migrants on Saturday.

The interception occurred 24 nautical miles east of North East Point, Inagua, as part of the ongoing southern Bahamas blockade.

Acting on intelligence, the RBDF deployed HMBS Bahamas to intercept a Haitian sailing vessel (HSV) carrying the migrants.

The vessel, containing 218 males and 39 females, was rendered inoperable, and the occupants were safely transported to Matthew Town, Inagua, for processing by immigration authorities.

Commodore Raymond E. King, who spearheaded the southern Bahamas blockade to deter illegal immigration, underscored the operation's importance in safeguarding the nation's heritage.

He emphasized the RBDF's commitment to collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and regional partners to tackle such illicit activities effectively.

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