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Daughter of diehard PLP supporters fired from BPL

Director of Risk and Compliance at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Shervonne Johnson has been axed from the utilities company after serving in the position for nearly three years.

Johnson, a single mother who climbed the corporate ladder in the financial services industry, was asked to clean out her office after a disagreement with executive management.

BPL insiders tell the Gallery she also rubbed some connected colleagues the wrong way.

The move came as a shock as Johnson is the daughter of diehard Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters. Her mother is said to be a stalwart councilor.

Johnson, who is also a consultant, was hired under the Minnis Administration in 2019.

She previously served at Central Bank of the Bahamas and Lombard Odier.

It is the third high profile BPL firing this year.

In January, Executive Director Patrick Rollins and Director of Public Relations Quincy Parker were handed their walking papers after pushing their political agenda in BPL.

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