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Dames approved murdered inmate for work scheme

A prison inmate who was shot to death while pumping gas at Rubis, this week, was approved for the work scheme by former Minister of National Security Marvin Dames, who recently developed amnesia and criticized the new government for allowing a convicted murderer to participate in the prison work scheme.

It turns out the Davis Administration hasn’t approved any inmates for the work program since taking office in September 2021.

According to government officials, every inmate currently working on the scheme was approved by the Minnis Administration.

Following the murder of Timothy Saunders, who was serving an 18-year prison sentence in connection with a triple murder in 2011, Dames said the government should look into how the inmate who “just went up for murder” was allowed to participate in the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services’ (BDOCS) work release scheme.

“They need to find out how someone who just went up for murder, they should not be a person fit and proper to be considered for the work release scheme,” Dames said.

“Now, if you’re talking about someone who would’ve served 30 or 35 years or so and they’re about to be released, then that’s something that can be considered.”

However it turns out Dames himself considered Saunders fit enough to join the program as he was approved when the former cop served as national security minister.

In his attempt to remain relevant after serving as a one-term MP under the failed Free National Movement government, Dames was quick to point fingers at his successor instead of checking his facts.

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