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Covid outbreak halts voter registration in Governor’s Harbour

Voters on Central and South Eleuthera are in panic mode as rumors swirl of a two-week closure of the Administrator’s Office in Governors Harbour due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

13 new Covid-19 cases have been reported on Eleuthera in the last week, with three new cases confirmed on Friday.

As Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis prepares to ring the bell for an early election, voters in the community fear they won’t get the opportunity to register before it’s too late.

Registration is taking place at the Parliamentary Registration Department in New Providence, the department’s sub-office in Freeport and at all Family Island administrator’s offices.

For years, voters in the community have been denied the option of registering at any other location on the island. The closure of the Administrators Office means voter registration would come to a halt for two weeks.

Residents questioned if New Providence residents can register at any voter registration center on the island, why can’t Eleuthera residents do the same.

If the government has embraced technology as the Minnis Administration boasts, residents between Savannah Sound and Hatchet Bay are also questioning why no steps have been taken to make the voter registration process in the community easier.

There have been multiple signs that the General Election is imminent.

Minnis gave Free National Movement (FNM) candidates their marching orders one night before the party ratified its remaining four candidates.

Party sources also tell us Parliament will be dissolved before members of parliament are scheduled to meet on September 22.

Minnis has urged eligible voters to register before it’s too late.

Nearly 190,000 names are on the permanent register.

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