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Covid-19 outbreak on PMH Maternity Ward

Princess Margaret Hospital is grappling with a COVID-19 outbreak on the Maternity Ward after five people tested positive for the virus.

PMH sources tell the Gallery that a pregnant woman tested negative when she was admitted to the ward. However, when she was tested five days later, they discovered she had COVID-19.

The woman’s positive test came back on Monday, prompting PMH to stop further admissions of new patients. The remaining patients on the ward are slowly being released from hospital.

Staff are not sure whether the woman was infected when she was admitted to hospital or if she was infected with COVID-19 during her time on the ward.

The maternity ward is the only ward at PMH that does not require patients to be tested before they are admitted.

Since the woman’s positive test, a nurse on the ward fell ill and was found to have COVID-19.

Five people on the maternity ward have now tested positive.

According to staff, the hospital is waiting until this week to test persons who have been exposed or those who display symptoms.

This has sparked fears that some of the exposed workers may be infected but asymptomatic and could be spreading the virus to others unknowingly.

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