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Court upholds jealous marine’s conviction

The Court of Appeal has upheld the conviction of a jilted marine who pulled a gun on his ex-girlfriend and her new love-interest.

Demeko Simms, 25, was fined $5,000 or 18 months in prison following a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

He was also placed on probation for 18 months, and a violation of probation, will result in six months in prison.

Simms forced his way into Johnnica Hall’s Key West Street home on December 20, 2020.

After hearing the commotion, her boyfriend, Aaron Gibson, came out of the bedroom—and Simms pointed a gun at both of them, putting them in fear of their lives.

Despite his initial denials, Simms admitted under cross-examination that he went into the house because he wanted to “catch Hall.”

However, he denied pulling a gun on Gibson when he came out of the room.

The couple denied suggestions by Simms’ lawyer that they had demanded $5,000 to drop the case.

The Court of Appeal found that there was sufficient evidence to support the conviction and dismissed Simms’ appeal.

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