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Convicted rapist released from prison

A man who raped a Lyford Cay resident after he broke into her home in 1983 has been freed after spending 37 years in custody.

Eric Stubbs, 60, was sent to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre for an indefinite period in 1985 after the Court of Appeal found him guilty but insane.

In December 2021, the Privy Council ordered Stubbs re-sentenced.

Around 6am on April 17, 1983, Stubbs broke into a home in Lyford Cay.

His victim awoke to find Stubbs standing naked beside her bed.

After a brief struggle, Stubbs raped the woman.

The woman eventually escaped and called for help. A security guard at Lyford Cay met Stubbs lying naked in the woman’s bed.

He told the officer that he was in his own bed and believed that he and his victim were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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