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Contractor transforms T. A. Thompson for new school year

Teachers and students of T A Thompson Junior High School will return to a significantly improved campus this week after a local contractor and his team worked around the clock over the last two months to carry out extensive school repairs.

They’ve done yeoman’s work considering that in January, teachers staged a sit-out over poor working conditions and infrastructural concerns on the campus.

However, the company even implemented a night shift in order to get the job done by the first day of school.

Since June 30, the team has demolished the school’s balconies, carried out roof repairs, tiling, painting and overhauled the plumbing and electrical systems.

Additionally, infrastructure has been upgraded to accommodate an elevator.

The enormous amount of work carried out in just eight weeks to ensure the campus was ready for the August 29th opening of schools was a refreshing change from previous years when delays to school repairs forced Ministry of Education officials to push back students’ return to the classroom.

Over the weekend, the expert team was busy conducting clean-up to ensure students return to a pristine environment this week.

It’s a stark contrast to the beginning of the year when teachers did not feel safe because of a structural issue with the school’s main academic block, which was compromised.

At the time, teachers complained that the whole block was on stilts, there was poor ventilation in several classrooms, and there was insufficient space for students and teachers.

The need for repairs at T A Thompson resulted in students spending the last term of the academic school year at the University of The Bahamas.

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