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Contractor comes forward on Adrian Gibson corruption

A major contractor is furious after learning that Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Chairman Adrian Gibson issued a payment of $232,206 to his fiancée Alexandria Mackey and his first cousin Rashae Gibson but tried to convince him to accept a subcontract from Elite Maintenance to actually carry out the work for $45,000.

After learning of the WSC corruption scandal, the contractor reached out to the Gallery but asked us not to use his name.

He said Gibson contacted his company in 2018 and told him that Elite Maintenance wanted to subcontract the work to him for yard cleaning and ground maintenance for $45,000. The contractor said he informed Gibson that he could not carry out the work for less than $110,000. After Gibson refused to budge on the price, the contractor said he declined the offer.

The businessman said he found it strange that the Water and Sewerage chairman was seeking to negotiate a contract with his company on behalf of another contractor.

He said it all made sense when he discovered on Friday that Gibson’s fiancee and cousin are listed as directors of the same Elite Maintenance that wanted to hire his company at a cheap price to carry out work they were contracted to do.

Gibson, who has always been quick to respond to comments regarding Water and Sewerage with wordy press statements threatening legal action, has been silent on this matter, only telling Eyewitness News on Friday that the contracts were approved by the board.

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