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Comedian Khing Kloud could be facing lawsuit

Bahamian comedian Khing Kloud could be facing legal trouble once again after his mouth landed him in hot water.

He has been accused of defaming his ex-girlfriend and members of a prominent Carnival band.

Last year, the entertainer, who’s given name is Terrance Gilbert II, was accused of secretly filming a woman while she performed a sexual act on him on March 24.

Gilbert allegedly leaked the recording on May 5 and was hauled before the Magistrates Court in August 2022.

He was charged with voyeurism and intentional libel in connection with the leaked sex tape.

Khing Kloud has now taken to social media to defame his ex-girlfriend’s character, expressing how he got his heart broken and almost lost his freedom.

He has been accused of trying to destroy friends of his ex-girlfriend who happen to be the owners of well known Bahamas Carnival band Xtasy.

The owners of the band and Gilbert’s ex-girlfriend have taken legal action against the comedian. According to sources, Khing Kloud could face a lawsuit for damages and defamation of character.

It could affect his business as he tries to drag upright law abiding business owners through the mud.

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