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BREAKING: Adrian Fox fined $5,000 by US Court

Island Luck co-founder Adrian Fox was fined $5,000 with one-year supervised release after being charged with a misdemeanor in a U. S. Court on Friday.

The judge determined that Fox, who has donated millions of dollars to multiple charities and helped dozens of Hurricane Dorian survivors to evacuate Abaco, did not deserve a custodial sentence.

Fox, who travelled to the United States this week for sentencing, has one month to pay the fine.

In April 2010, a US grand jury indicted the prominent businessman but the charge was reduced in 2021.

Prime Minister Philip Davis and several senior members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) wrote letters in support of Fox.

The Free National Movement (FNM) whose candidates have been on the receiving end of campaign donations from Fox, sought to make the matter political by slamming Davis’ defense of the philanthropist.

However, Davis stood firm and insisted he would support Fox again.

“First of all, Mr. Fox was a client of mine,” Davis said.

“I’m very familiar with the matter that’s before because I had discussions myself on his behalf with the United States government prior to 2012.

“He has so reordered his life and his philanthropy and what he’s been doing and helping his community. I thought it only fitting for me to say to the courts what I thought of him. Those are my views. If I had to do it again, I’d do it.”

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