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BPL fires Patrick Rollins, Quincy Parker

Bahamas Power and Light Executive Director Patrick Rollins and Director of Public Relations Quincy Parker received their walking papers from the newly appointed board of directors on Friday.

Rollins was appointed in 2018 by then-Works Minister Desmond Bannister to fill a role left vacant by Deepak Bhatnagar, who stepped down in December 2017.

Rollins raised eyebrows around BPL as he served as both executive director and a member of the BPL board. This doesn’t typically happen.

Former board members maintained that Rollins’ position went against government policy.

Bannister announced Rollins’ appointment in Parliament without reportedly seeking board approval.

Therefore, it was no surprise that the new board was anxious to get the political appointee out of BPL.

Parker, a former journalist, left a job at the University of the Bahamas to take up the top PR position at the power company.

His arrogance and bullish approach made him unpopular among members of the media, who were disappointed that Parker was not more media-friendly after previously working at the Nassau Guardian and Jones Communications Network.

BPL employees claim Parker wore his red and blue political colors on his sleeve as if he thought the Free National Movement would be in power forever.

Therefore, they were not surprised to see the back of him.

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