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Billionaire FNM donor terrorizing public officers on Chub Cay

A Texas oil billionaire, who is a major political donor of the Free National Movement (FNM), has used his significant influence to convince Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to transfer all government officers off of the cay after they refused to breach government policies.

Chub Cay owner George Bishop, 83, had a Customs officer transferred off of the island after he refused to allow the foreigner to have his own way.

Another customs officer was stationed on Chub Cay. However, after he refused to allow Bishop to control him, the billionaire had the water and power supply at the officer’s home on Chub Cay disconnected to punish him.

According to Gallery sources, this enraged the Customs Comptroller who removed her officer from Chub Cay.

As a result, there are presently no customs officers on Chub Cay. Therefore, technically it is not considered a port of entry.

The only officers stationed on the private island now are police officers.

Since completing the multi-million dollar purchase of a resort development in the Berry Islands, residents say Bishop operates above the law. He also uses his close relationship with the prime minister to wield his power over workers there.

In April, the owner of Chub Cay was allowed to host a super spreader tournament and an after-party where dozens of guests were flown in from Texas and were seen partying without face masks.

The foreigner, who was said to have a confederate flag in his home, appears to have a very low opinion of Bahamians and refused to allow boaters to fuel up on the cay when they ran low on gas while out to sea.

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