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Bahamian Tara Archer-Glasgow shines on global stage

The incredible work of Bahamian attorney Tara Archer-Glasgow and top law firm Higgs and Johnson was highlighted in a major international publication on lawyers’ efforts to alleviate poverty while practicing law with a high moral conscience.

The work and remit of the International Bar Association’s Poverty and Social Development Committee - guided by Archer-Glasgow and Vladisav Zabradin of Capital Legal Services in Russia - were lauded as integral to lawyers’ work.

“The formalization of a committee where you explicitly recognize poverty alleviation as a goal already demonstrates an ideological understanding of our roles as global citizens and social engineers,” Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley said while addressing the Poverty and Social Development Committee session.

Higgs and Johnson’s Fola Swain also assisted with the session.

Archer-Glasgow served as one of the moderators for the session.

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