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Adrian Gibson withdraws case against businessman

Embattled Long Island MP Adrian Gibson has dropped his defamation case against contractor Greg Miller.

Gibson accused the businessman of trying to defame him by transferring $200 to his Royal Bank of Canada account on December 31, 2018. He also accused Miller of making defamatory remarks during a TV appearance in June 2019.

As the court case continued in the Magistrates Court today, Gibson announced that he wished to withdraw the charges just as he was about to be cross-examined by Miller’s attorney, Ian Cargill.

It is believed that Gibson’s attorneys did not want him to be cross-examined as the former Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) Executive Chairman awaits trial over allegations he enriched himself with over one million dollars from WSC contracts during his time in that position.

They feared that, under cross-examination, Gibson could be asked questions that could hurt his upcoming court case.

Prior to informing the court of his decision not to pursue this matter during a lengthy statement he read in court, Gibson reportedly had the prosecutor approach Miller and advise him that the MP would withdraw the case on the condition that the contractor apologized.

However, Miller refused to apologize to Gibson and insisted that he did nothing wrong. It is believed that Gibson was trying to get the defendant to admit wrongdoing as a reason for his decision to let the matter rest.

Gibson told the court that after prayerful consideration and having come from a Christian upbringing, he forgave Miller and wanted to put the defamation case behind him.

Miller always contended that Gibson asked him to deposit money to his bank account while Gibson served as WSC Executive Chairman. The businessman pointed out that there was no way of him knowing Gibson’s bank account information without the MP giving it to him.

The defendant’s lawyers were prepared to expose Gibson’s actions - revelations that could incriminate him during his corruption case.

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