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Adrian Gibson puts businessman in court

Despite facing trial on charges that he enriched himself through Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) contracts, Adrian Gibson, the MP for Long Island, wants to jail a businessman for calling him corrupt.

Gregory Miller, the owner of Apex Underground Utilities, is on trial for intentional libel for his remarks about Gibson on a talk show.

He’s also accused of attempted intentional libel concerning a deposit of $200 to the bank account that Gibson shared with his then-fiancée Alexandria Mackey.

That name should be familiar, since Mackey is the prosecution’s key witness against Gibson in his corruption case.

Gibson, in his usual arrogant way, testified that he was shocked when he saw the deposit to his account.

He said he believed that Miller was trying to entrap him because he had submitted a bid for capital works.

The lead investigator in the case, Jared Turnquest, has already testified that he did not interview Mackey, who was also a signatory on the account, about the deposit.

Gibson said he later heard Miller making defamatory and libelous remarks about him on a radio talk show.

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