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ZNS workers walk off the job too

Dozens of employees of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas walked off of the job on Wednesday demanding that executive management address a litany of concerns.

Singing “Solidarity Forever”, more than 50 employees stormed off of the premises and congregated just outside of the gate on Rusty Bethel Drive, off Collins Avenue.

Last month, workers were outraged over reports that ZNS would force employees to pay for their medical insurance or drop it completely.

The Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union and the Bahamas Communications and Public Managers Union slammed the “unilateral” move by the corporation’s board of directors to relinquish the medical insurance plan staff now enjoy under Atlantic Medical, especially at a time when workers put themselves and their families at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

Action by ZNS workers comes as scores of disgruntled prison officers gathered outside of the Ministry of National Security on Wednesday in an attempt to meet with Minister Marvin Dames. However, Dames did not meet with officers, who say they feel undervalued.

Police officers showed up at the building on John F. Kennedy Drive to break up the protest and had several officers’ vehicles towed.

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