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Prison inmate dies of cancer

Convicted rapist Barry Parcoi died in hospital from cancer on Wednesday.

Parcoi was 59. He spent his final days in the prison’s infirmary after he became too weak to walk.

He was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital earlier this week as his condition deteriorated.

Parcoi was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1994.

However, he escaped from prison multiple times.

One of his most notable escapes resulted in the death of Corporal Dion Bowles on January 17, 2006.

Parcoi, Neil Brown, Forrester Bowe Jr and Neil Brown took part in the daring escape.

Brown, who fatally stabbed Bowles, was killed during his capture.

Parcoi later took a plea deal that resulted in no additional time.

Since that incident, Parcoi tried legal ways to get out of prison.

He challenged the constitutionality of his life sentence for a first conviction of rape.

He also applied to the prerogative of mercy multiple times.

His latest petition to the board was heard last year.

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