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Update: Police kill suspect who shot officer in back

Police officers shot and killed a man who reportedly opened fire on officers, shooting one of them in the back and injuring another officer’s leg.

Police went to the house in Pinewood Gardens Monday morning to investigate a domestic dispute between a mother and her son. The woman called police after their argument got out of hand. The woman let police in the house but when they got to her son’s bedroom door he started shooting. One of the officers tried to shield the mother but got shot in the back. Officers attempted to reach the son again but he started firing shots again. Police returned fire and riddled the man with bullets. He died inside his bedroom.

A police officer was rushed to hospital minutes ago after being shot in Pinewood Gardens.

The officer was responding to a complaint on Cascarilla Drive when the shooting took place. A male suspect was also shot during the incident.

Residents flooded the streets after hearing the sounds of gunshots being fired. The condition of the police officer is not known at this time. Police are on the scene carrying out preliminary investigations.

Further details to follow.

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