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VIDEO: Foreigners: We paid police officer $1,000

English-American computer programmer and businessman John McAfee has released a video on social media, which he says proves that he gave a Royal Bahamas Police Force sergeant $1,000 to hold on to his guns and “help me when I need help.”

McAfee posted, “Few believed that we attempted to bring 31 military firearms into The Bahamas last year. So for the nonbelievers we finally found the video.”

In the video, police officers showed up at the boat, docked in Bimini, and informed McAfee that under Bahamian law, they are only permitted to have a certain amount of weapons and ammunition in their possession.

“With the Bahamian law, you are allowed three weapons and 250 rounds of ammunition,” the officer is seen explaining then adds, “That would be a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun.”

The video starts with police officers dressed in navy standing at the boat’s entrance, one of them with paperwork in his hand. McAfee instructs a crew member, “Tommy, will you bring the weapons out please?”

McAfee adds, “I need to be armed. I need one long gun, an M4...”

The video shows the boaters handing over weapons to a group of uniformed police officers.

One boater asks, “We’ll get them back though, right?” A police officer replies yes.

“They took $50,000 worth of weapons from us. The police sergeant, I gave him $1,000 in cash. He took it, grabbed it. I said take care of my guns and help me when I need help. He said ‘you got it’. I figured 100 bucks would be recompense,” says McAfee as the video cuts to two men rolling a suitcase away from the marina.

McAfee Associates achieved early success as the creators of McAfee, the first commercial antivirus software.

Will Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle speak up on this video and launch an investigation into this man’s claims or will it be swept under the rug?

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