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VIDEO: FNM campaigning in Golden Isles amid COVID-19

Members of the Free National Movement’s Golden Isles Branch moved about the constituency campaigning on Saturday despite Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ plea for Bahamians to adhere to safety protocols over the next three weeks and to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.

Wearing flaming red FNM Golden Isles face masks and t-shirts bearing the name of prospective candidate Brian Brown, party members marched like red ants from house to house in Golden Isles knocking on doors and speaking with residents.

The shirts read “Brian Brown - The Man for 2022”. Residents questioned who is possibly thinking about 2022 when Bahamians are struggling to cope in 2020, which witnessed unprecedented hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only some of the FNM campaigners wore masks as they showed up on residents’ doorsteps and none of them adhered to social distancing protocols, with one party member hugging a resident.

However, they met their match when they showed up on one voter’s doorstep and she made it clear she would not be supporting the governing party that increased Value Added Tax during its first year in office and favors the rich and well-connected over the poor man.

“We gone beat y’all til y’all lifeless,” said one resident, who exclaimed, “Look at y’all. I really want people see y’all walking around this place!”

“What this man paying y’all so y’all could wear his shirt?” she asked.

“Ain’t no Bahamian gonna walk around in this sun for nothing and know the FNM don’t have no hope.”

“This gatta be your son because ain’t nobody gonna walk with the FNM,” she added as party members laughed.

“Y’all remember how our good MPs get catch in that wave with Perry, the Perry wave? Well that’s how y’all get drown in the Minnis wave.”

“Minnis tell the people “it’s the people’s time” but he never tell the people which people.”

Golden Isles became an FNM seat in the 2017 General Election. However, FNM MP for the area Vaughn Miller severed ties with the party in December 2019 and became an independent MP amid controversy over the Town Centre Mall lease agreement the government entered into with then Cabinet Minister Brent Symonette for the General Post Office.

In January, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis turned a town hall meeting into a political rally and told those in attendance that the victory train has left the station and won’t stop until it arrives at Government House in 2022.

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