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UPDATE - NEW VIDEOS: Speed was a factor in crash that killed woman.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Police are investigating the circumstances of a fatal car crash on Blue Hill Rd that claimed the life of a woman believed to be in her late forties. Police say the collision happened near Buy 4 Less after 8pm.

Police Press Liaison Supt. Audley Peters said shortly before 9pm Tuesday, a traffic collision occurred on Blue Hill Road south of St Vincent Road. Officers responded and observed a white Nissan Skyline and a teal green Nissan March collided into each other.

“A closer examination of the scene revealed that the passengers of the Nissan March needed medical assistance. Emergency Medical Services was summoned and on their arrival, following their examination of the occupants in the vehicle, they pronounced a passenger unresponsive and the driver was transported to hospital. She is listed in stable condition,” according to Peters.

He said the coroner was summoned to the scene and apprised of the details. He added evidence suggests speed was a factor in the fatal accident.

“A hurry is not a reasonable excuse to speed on the roads of New Providence because there are speed limits within which we must drive our vehicles,” he added.

Both vehicles sustained extensive damage along with a nearby fence. The hoods of both vehicles involved in the fatal crash were smashed in. The Skyline appeared to have crashed into a fence in a failed attempt to avoid hitting the March.

Tonight’s traffic fatality comes four days after an Exuma man crashed into a concrete wall near Tar Bay on Independence Day, sustaining severe head injuries. He later succumbed to his injuries.

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