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UPDATE: Ash withdraws application against Customs

Jonathon Ash needs to fire his lousy lawyer.

Hours after he secured a hearing in the Supreme Court before Ruth Bowe-Darville seeking damages and to have alcohol seized by Customs returned to him, his lawyer agreed to withdraw the application because it was premature.

Ash got the hearing in record time. He made the application just three days ago.

Ash took the government to court weeks after the Department of Customs seized alcohol during a raid on Man Made Sports Bar and another business. He had no valid business license and he could not prove he paid customs duty on the boxes of alcohol.

However, when he was charged in the magistrates court for selling liquor during the 24-hour curfew in April, Ash lied and told the magistrate it wasn’t his business and that it was only his second time at the sports bar when he was caught red-handed

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