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Two women found dead; foul play suspected

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Police on the islands of Eleuthera and New Providence are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two women in two separate incidents on Saturday and Sunday.

In the first incident, Police were called to a scene in Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, where the body of a female was found washed up on the shoreline.

On arrival to the scene, officers discovered the body of a female in an unresponsive state. The local nurse was summoned. On completion of her examination, she pronounced the woman dead.

Police suspect foul play.

In the second incident, around 6a.m. on Sunday, Officers from the Operation Unit were on routine patrol, when they were directed to an abandoned building on Dowdeswell Street.

Upon their arrival, the officers smelt a foul odor and a search of the building was conducted.

The officers discovered the partially decomposed body of a female in a generator room.

Foul play is suspected in this matter and an investigation has been launched.

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