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Trying to Make Sense of this Nonsensical Curfew


My fellow Bahamians, please help me make sense of the COVID-19 curfew imposed by the government.  First, the curfew was from 9pm to 5am daily. Today, the government has announced that the curfew will be amended to 10pm ending at 5am.  

This announcement would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Has coronavirus, with all its intelligence, now decided that as of Monday, it will only attack residents of The Bahamas from 10pm to 5am?

Just as utterly foolish as the above scenario is the government’s asinine excuse for the imposition of the curfew. It is the most brainless, cockeyed, inept decision I have ever heard of.

Does COVID-19 care when I leave my mother’s house, if I arrive at my own home at 9 or 10pm? Does it care whether I was not paying sufficient attention to the time, and it is now after 9pm when I leave my friend’s house?

What is the real reason for the curfew?  

Could it simply be a matter of control?  

Health officials have given no reasons. There has been no scientific evidence to support the government’s rationale for the 9pm COVID curfew let alone this now additional extra hour so graciously (in the Prime Minister’s egotistical mind), bestowed upon us.

What then is the real reason for the curfew? I get that in the phased approach to reopening the economy, businesses’ hours of operations may be restricted in an effort to perhaps control crowds.

However, what is the reason for restricting my personal movements?  Why can’t I be on the road, in my car, driving to wherever it is that I’m going beyond 10pm? Is COVID going to mysteriously appear in the night draft? Can it only attach itself to me after 9 or - beginning June 29 - after 10pm?

If it can, it should lend some of its wisdom to the government.


Could it be that the real reason for the curfew is one of control? Could it be that the competent authority is implementing a form of martial law under the guise of a state of emergency?  Could it be that an individual in power is intoxicated by that power? Could it be that the government is using curfew to curtail crime so that it can boast that the crime rate has been drastically reduced?

Whatever the reason, it is all being done at my expense. My civil liberties are being violated!!! As an individual, I have a right to freedom of movement.

So what is the government’s rationale?  Whatever it is, I realize that you can’t make sense out of nonsense.

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