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Tourism Policing Unit Officer infected, four in quarantine

An officer of the Tourism Policing Unit has tested positive for the coronavirus and four other police officers in that unit, located in Downtown Nassau, are in quarantine.

Several other officers in that department reported feeling ill but are still turning up for work everyday at the office, which remains open.

The sick officers have not been tested for the virus but are still reporting for duty despite their bad feelings because they are “intimidated” by the officer in charge.

Officers feel uneasy about working in a building that hasn’t been sanitized but the bossy Superintendent in charge refuses to close it down to be deep cleaned because she doesn’t want word to get out that her department has been hit by Covid-19.

The police officers are hoping the Commissioner will intervene for their health and safety.

Last week, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said 100 police officers are in quarantine but he did not disclose how many officers have tested positive for coronavirus.

As of Saturday, 878 people had tested positive for the virus. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is expected to release the latest cases when he addresses the nation today at 5pm.

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