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Three men charged with $3.4M marijuana bust

Three men arrested in connection with a $3.4 million ganja bust in Exuma have been denied bail.

Omar Chisholm (left), Andrew Pratt (middle), and Adrian Mackey (right) were busted early Monday morning after a dramatic police chase that lasted over an hour.

Prosecutors say the smugglers rammed the police boat in an attempt to escape.

The impact threw Sergeant 2009 Newton from the police boat, injuring his back and neck.

However, the chase ended when police opened fire on one of the men, striking him in the chest.

The fourth suspect is recovering in hospital.

The men denied charges of drug possession with intent to supply, conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to supply, importation of drugs and conspiracy to import drugs when they appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

They also denied charges of assaulting Sergeant 2009 Newton, Corporal 3566 Smith and 3633 Robinson with a twin engine boat and causing harm to Sergeant Newton.

They next return to court on February 25 for the start of their trial.

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