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Teen charged with expectant father’s murder

The suspect in the murder of Danton Woods says he had no scratches or bruises when he turned himself into police one week ago.

Yet, 19-year-old Tyshawn Moxey had a dislocated right pinky finger and swelling to the left side of his face when he appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes today on a murder charge.

Moxey’s lawyer Jomo Campbell told the court that he’d advised the teen to get a complete physical before he surrendered to police.

That physical, Campbell said, confirmed that Moxey was “free from bruises, scratches and injuries.”

Campbell alleged that police beat Woods and suffocated him during his seven days in custody in a failed attempt to extract a confession.

Campbell asked the court to take note of Moxey’s injuries during his court appearance.

Moxey was not required to enter a plea to the claims that he shot Woods dead in front of his home on Hawthorne Road on September 13.

He was denied bail and returns to court on December 4.

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