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Statement by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party On Brent Symonette’s budget contribution

Today in the House of Assembly, the MP for St. Anne’s, Mr. Brent Symonette, celebrated the so-called achievements of the pre-Independence, UBP government.

This is the same UBP government, headed by Symonette’s father, which the Commission of Inquiry condemned for their pact with gangsters in the mafia.

This is the same racist UBP government that denied education and basic development inclusion and growth to the ordinary people who make up the majority of this country.

This is same UBP government that - so effective in its apartheid tactics - was notorious for its blatant economic abuses to the benefit of its concentration of white interests through its government power over land, contracts, and everything under the sun in this country.

The MP is truly his father’s son, for during this past year, he too enjoys private commercial enrichment which flowed at the same time as his then political activity, receiving millions of dollars of public money from the government he was then a part of.

He resigned in disgrace, just before the Prime Minister misled parliament as to the true nature of what transpired. Yet Mr. Symonette feels sufficiently immune from public shame to perversely brag today that when an FNM government is in power, you can feel and touch the money.

Well, under a UBP/FNM government, the MPs from his certainly can - to the exclusion and hardship of the ordinary people of this country.

FACT: His family has taken more money out of the Bahamian public treasury than any other family in Bahamian history.

He may call it an FNM success. We call it shameless exploitation of misbegotten privilege.

Fred Mitchell

PLP Chairman

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