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Social media personality Gorman Bannister dies

Former Blackbelt News publisher and social media commentator Gorman Bannister has died.

He passed away on Sunday following a short illness.

Bannister, known for his colorful political commentary, highlighted blatant abuses of power and fought for freedom of information.

His brutal honesty and his fast-talking approach endeared him to his audience.

Bannister was a vocal critic of the Minnis Administration, which sought to muzzle him by instructing the Royal Bahamas Police Force to confiscate his phone. That phone was never returned to him.

Despite this, Bannister was relentless in his pursuit of justice for Bahamians and remained a strong advocate for good governance and the empowerment of the average Bahamian until the very end.

He is survived by his wife Liz and his son Desron.

May he Rest In Peace.

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