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Senior Officer in RBPF communications dept infected

A senior officer in the Communications Department of the Royal Bahamas Police Force has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Sources tell the Gallery the office the senior officer works in was not sanitized or closed down to prevent the spread of the virus to other police officers.

The senior officer's colleagues fear that other officers in that department, who attended a press briefing hosted by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis at the National Emergency Management Agency on Friday night, were exposed to covid-19 but have not been tested.

It raises the question were those exposed officers infected by their positive colleague and if so, did they expose the numerous senior government officials in attendance at the press conference?

National Security Minister Marvin Dames has downplayed the extent to which the police force has been impacted by Covid-19. He said recently that over 70 officers on Grand Bahama were in quarantine along with a few officers in New Providence but he did not comment on how many police officers have been infected or how many police stations and offices had to be closed as a result.

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