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Sen. Jamal Moss collecting full ZNS salary but isn’t working

Free National Movement Senator Jamal Moss is collecting a full salary as a Production Assistant at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas as well as a senator’s salary but hasn’t worked a single day at ZNS since the FNM won the 2017 General Election.

Moss was appointed FNM Senator in May 2017.

He is also collecting over $40,000 annually from ZNS but hasn’t earned his salary in three and a half years.

However, tens of thousands of Bahamians are out of work due to the pandemic and are relying on a measly $100 from the National Insurance Board to survive.

Moss, a clout chaser who finally brown nosed his way to a Senate appointment, was famously punched in the face by fellow ZNS staffer Paul Fernander in the ZNS studio for running his mouth. Fernander was fired from ZNS over the radio station brawl but employees said Moss had it coming as he loves to act like the man in charge whenever the FNM is in power.

Why are taxpayers paying Jamal Moss two salaries during a financial crisis when he is barely earning one?

His coworkers at ZNS say while they are slaving away at work risking exposure to Covid-19, it is unfair for Moss to continue to collect his paycheck when he barely sets foot in their Rusty Bethel Drive Headquarters.

Instead, he spends his days outside of the Senate trying to boost his political profile by showing up to government events.

They are demanding that he repay ZNS every penny he received since he stopped showing up for work in 2017.

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