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Secret recordings capture police abuse with different results

A secret recording has once again put the spotlight on police misconduct.

A detainee at the Fort Charlotte Police Station used his Apple Watch to capture an incident of police brutality over the weekend.

The public was outraged after the clandestine recording went viral. The reaction was swift.

The assistant superintendent was placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.

Just a few years ago, another assistant superintendent was recorded in an act of gross misconduct. That recording, too, went viral. Once again, the public was outraged.

However, no disciplinary action was taken.

Instead, the offender, Assistant Superintendent Debra Thompson, was promoted after admitting to doctoring witness statements and coaching witnesses while investigating the Shane Gibson bribery.

Thompson brazenly said that such misconduct was normal during the course of investigations.

Yet, there was no promise of an inquiry into other cases that Thompson had investigated to determine whether she had used the same dishonest tactic to unlawfully jail suspects.

Could it be that the response was different because ASP Thompson was party to a political prosecution?

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