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Sabotage at Southland Church of God

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Attorney Devard Francis, Southland Church of God GroundsKeeper Sidney Campbell and the Praise Team leader, allegedly organized the sabotage of the sound system to prevent the new Bishop from having church.

Following the appointment of Bishop Darvin Touissant as pastor of Southland Church of God by Administrative Bishop Moses Johnson, hotshot lawyer Francis went to the courts to seek an injunction to stop the appointment.

A temporary injunction was granted by the Supreme Court allowing Johnson to remain as the interim pastor. However, for the past two weeks Francis, who desperately wants to become pastor of Southland, conducted unauthorized services.

This past Thursday, the court ordered that Bishop Moses is to return to Southland as pastor. In retaliation, Francis along with the groundskeeper and praise team leader Vanderson Barnett showed up in the middle of the night and removed the sound systems from the church to prevent and sabotage further church services under Bishop Johnson.

On Saturday, it took the Bishop four hours to restore a new sound system only to discover shortly before the Sunday service that Francis and his crew returned to the church on Sunday morning before service and disabled the new sound system. The Bishop has now turned the matter over to police because there are only three keys and three passcodes for the church's security system.

Police are now investigating the matter, with the assistance of the alarm company, to determine which passcode was used to enter the church.

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