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Rudy King acquitted of all charges

Dr. Rudolph King has been acquitted of all charges filed against him under the Minnis Administration, which made the failed prosecutions of prominent Bahamians a hallmark of its abbreviated term in office.

Senior Magistrate Derrance Rolle-Davis found King not guilty of five counts of Fraud and five counts of Money Laundering.

In 2019, the businessman was accused of defrauding the General Post Office bank of more than $600,000 and laundering the money during a three-year period.

Prosecutors alleged that between 2012 and 2015, King received $632,416 through fraud.

It was also alleged that at separate times during that period, King received $125,688; $243,225; $151,252; $9,437 and $102,814.

King, who denied the charges against him, was represented by attorneys Damian Gomez, QC and Monique Gomez.

Senior Magistrate Rolle-Davis described the Prosecution's case as weak and lacking substantive evidence.

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