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Respected Bahamian MOW employee ousted for foreigner

The close knit community of North Eleuthera is furious after the Ministry of Works office on that island hired Caucasian foreigner Scott Sawyer, who was sent to North Eleuthera by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and Works Minister Desmond Bannister to be in charge.

Sawyer is a geotechnical engineer from Asheville, North Carolina.

Residents are angry because Sawyer replaced Larry Minnis who was booted from his senior position and forced to retire for the American.

Minnis, a well known Eleuthera resident, was described by residents and employees as “an excellent manager” until he was forced out by the prime minister, who is his first cousin.

Meanwhile, new man in town Sawyer has been seen joyriding around the island.

Residents have spotted him cruising the streets at taxpayers’ expense in Ministry of Works trucks all hours of the night, despite warnings to Bahamians to stay off the streets in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, which has infected 10 people on Eleuthera.

Two Eleuthera residents tested positive on Friday.

Though the Minnis Administration sailed into office under the slogan, “It’s the People Time”, North Eleuthera residents are left wondering if they meant rich and foreign people.

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