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RBDF marine dies of COVID-19 complications

A 35-year-old Royal Bahamas Defence Force marine in New Providence has died of complications associated with COVID-19.

The marine, who has been on the force for 16 years, was admitted to the hospital days ago after falling ill and displaying symptoms of the coronavirus.

His condition was so dire that he was placed on a ventilator.

It is unclear when or how he was infected and whether other Defence Force officers were exposed.

The coronavirus pandemic is a scary reality for frontline workers. 100 police officers have been in quarantine since the pandemic hit. Six immigration officers are infected and 30 are in quarantine.

In the healthcare system, nurses at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre are afraid to go to work after 23 cases on one ward were confirmed.

At Princess Margaret Hospital, lab technicians walked out today complaining of no social distancing protocols and the lack of personal protective equipment.

As of today, 761 people have been infected in The Bahamas. 10 new cases were reported today - seven in New Providence, two in Bimini and one in Abaco.

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