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UPDATE: RBDF Marine allegedly pulls gun on girlfriend

UPDATE: In a shocking twist of events, the girlfriend of the Defence Force Marine who pulled a gun on her this morning has withdrawn her complaint.

What is unusual is, she was allowed to do so even though a new policy dictates that in a serious matter of this nature, the complainant must go to court to withdraw their complaint.

However, due to the Marine’s connection to the senior command of the police force, the policy was not adhered to.

Only in The Bahamas can you go to jail for selling coconut water on the side of the road to make an honest living but go free for pulling your service weapon on a civilian during a heated argument.

The son of a high ranking police officer allegedly pulled a gun on his girlfriend this morning in Gamble Heights, according to credible sources on the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

The domestic dispute between the Royal Bahamas Defence Force marine and his girlfriend happened just minutes ago. Neighbors say they heard the sounds of gunshots but police claim no shots were fired.

Police have not reported this incident to the public to protect the young Marine because of his familial connection on the police force.

National Security Minister Marvin Dames has said over and repeatedly that no one is above the law. Does the same rule apply to the son of the senior police officer?

Will Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle issue a statement on this matter and urge police to make an arrest?

Stay tuned.

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