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Prosecutors sorry to see Brathwaite go

Former Deputy DPP Neil Brathwaite will be sworn in as a judge on Monday.

The lawyer of 20 years was reportedly former AG Allyson Maynard-Gibson’s first choice for the post of DPP.

Brathwaite was also the popular choice for top prosecutor by his colleagues.

Since Garvin Gaskin became DPP, scores of prosecutors have either quit or requested transfers to the Office of the Attorney General.

The brain drain has become so severe that transfers to the civil side have now been banned.

Prosecutors were happy on hearing reports early this year that Brathwaite would become DPP once Gaskin was made judge. Many of them were planning on requesting transfers back to the DPP’s Office.

However, it was the other way around. Brathwaite is the judge and to their dismay, Gaskin is still DPP.

Many claim that Gaskin’s management style is the reason for the mass exodus from the DPP’s Office.

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