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Probe into Bridge Authority corruption claims

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Senior government officials have reportedly launched an internal investigation into allegations of corruption against Bridge Authority Chairman Greg Bonaby, who allegedly ordered the authority to pay $50,000 for a street sweeping machine valued at half that amount.

According to sources, the Bridge Authority currently has a $50,000 contract with a private company that provides regular cleaning services for both Paradise Island bridges. However, Bonaby allegedly made the unilateral decision to purchase the street sweeping machine without seeking board approval.

Two weeks after the truck was purchased, it broke down and is now just sitting on the property not being utilized. The pricy purchase raised eyebrows after senior executives discovered that the Bridge Authority issued a $50,000 cheque for the old machine that was valued at just under $30,000.

Bonaby was asked to justify the amount of money spent but could not. Those at the top are trying to determine if he is initiating capital expenditure without board approval, overpricing the projects and allegedly making money on the side.

Insiders tell the Gallery Bonaby has been spending government money like water since his appointment as Bridge Authority Chairman. He has also ordered management to issue cheques to contractors he selected while he is on sick leave despite there being an acting chairman in place.

Both the board of directors and Minister of Works have been alerted to his conduct and have launched an investigation into claims of corruption. However, sources say the minister is dragging his feet due to Bonaby’s relationship with Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. The two graduated together and have remained close.

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