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Popular pharmacy closed due to COVID-19 exposure

Prescription Parlour Pharmacy will not be among the pharmacies serving customers on Friday after employees were exposed to Covid-19.

Staff members who may have been exposed to the virus are being tested to determine if they were infected by a positive case.

Management decided to shut down the pharmacy tomorrow for deep cleaning and sanitizing.

It will deal a major blow to customers with new prescriptions or those in need of refills before the weekend lockdown.

Businesses and government agencies all over New Providence are closing down one on one as the coronavirus spreads. This week, the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Works, Water and Sewerage, Public Hospitals Authority Corporate Offices, National Insurance Board headquarters and Ministry of Health headquarters were forced to close until next week after staff members either tested positive for COVID-19 or were exposed to the virus.

On Wednesday, coronavirus cases in the country hit four digits, soaring to 1,036. 47 people tested positive for the virus yesterday. 40 of those cases are in New Providence. Cat Island has five new cases while Abaco and Exuma each have one new COVID-19 case.

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