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Police shut down Original Patties

Officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force shut down Original Patties on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway minutes ago after they failed to provide proof that they had permission to operate during the two-week lockdown.

Original Patties was crowded all day with customers, who waited on the drive-thru line, which wrapped around the building, for nearly an hour.

When police showed up this afternoon, officers asked management if they had special permission to open as grocery stores, pharmacies, commercial banks, water depots and gas stations are the only businesses permitted to open during certain hours on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (for essential workers).

Management claimed they had an email from the Office of the Prime Minister granting the business permission to operate so officers asked to see the email. However, the email could not be found and the business was ordered to close. Hopefully all those customers got their patties before the place shut down.

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