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UPDATE: Police shoot suspect in Kennedy Sub high speed chase

Police shot a suspect who opened fire on officers following a high speed chase through Kennedy Subdivision at 4am Friday.

In the early morning hours, concerned residents complained about a silver vehicle with two occupants moving about in the community of Kennedy Subdivision and acting in a suspicious manner.

Officers from the Mobile Division responded and moments later spotted a vehicle fitting the description.

The driver was ordered to stop but sped off and a chase ensued, ending at a dead end on Faith Deliverance Way where the vehicle came to a stop.

The driver jumped out of the vehicle with a firearm and pointed it in the direction of the officers, who opened fire and shot him. He was taken to hospital in serious but stable condition.

The second suspect escaped.

Police found a black and silver 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol containing four 9mm unfired rounds of ammunition on the scene from the driver of the vehicle.

The Gallery is on the scene of a stand-off between police and two suspects, which ended with officers shooting one of the men and the other escaping.

The police-involved shooting happened just minutes ago on Revival Way off of Malcolm Road.

Officers opened fire on one of the men, shooting him. He is presently at Princess Margaret Hospital under heavy police guard and receiving medical attention for his gunshot wounds.

The other suspect managed to get away from police.

Further details to follow.

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